Smile Makeover to spread a contagious disease of happiness

What is a smile makeover?

The process of ameliorating the smile appearance by one or multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures like composite bonding, teeth whitening, implants, dental veneers etc.

Why is a million dollar smile important?

Probably the best and prettiest thing one can wear is a smile. Smile as we all know is very contagious. Even the worst of battles can be won by a mere show of teeth. Out of the myriads of reasons why smile is important, some are stated below.

  • Turn a person’s miserable day into a bright sunny one.
  • Research states that people who smile are more competent and positive.
  • A beautiful smile makes a person look more attractive, approachable and confident.
  • Helps to greatly release the stress and also calm down.
  • Smile is a welcoming gesture, helps to conquer the world by winning zillions of friends.
  • A wonderful smile makes an awesome first impression.

What are the things that need to be considered while going for a smile makeover?

Once a person clings on to getting a smile makeover done some of the aspects that need to be considered to get an ideal smile are as follows.

  • Facial appearance
  • Hair colour
  • Skin tone
  • Teeth – width, shape, colour, length and display of teeth
  • Lips
  • Gum tissue

What are the aspects that can be enhanced with smile makeover?

There might be a few things troubling us every now and then about our teeth and smile which is beyond our control. With a smile makeover all these flaws can be eradicated at really affordable prices at dentists such as this one in Sidcup. Some of the aspects that might be reviewed by cosmetic dentist to be worked upon are mentioned below.

  • Spacing and alignment

To keep the crooked teeth, overlapping teeth and gaps at bay, the alignment and spacing can be done through orthodontics and can be improved by veneers.

  • Teeth colour

A youthful appearance is possible only by well-shaped and bright teeth. Discoloured and dark teeth usually are an indication of an aged man.

  • Balance and harmony

Cracked, chipped and uneven teeth can be cosmetically replaced by dental procedures for improved smile.

  • Fuller lips, cheeks and smile

Aging and unshaped face can be eradicated by medical procedures like maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics.

Life of smile makeovers

On successful completion of cosmetic dentistry procedures it is essential that oral hygiene should be maintained. Regular maintenance of teeth is also necessary. To state an example, the teeth whitening process should be repeated frequently so that the brightness of the teeth is kept intact. Porcelain veneers might break or chip and may need a replacement. After a span of every 10 to 15 years, a replacement of the dental crowns should be done.

Thus for prolonged longevity of marvelous teeth after smile makeover it is essential that proper care is done of the teeth. Turn to Sidcup and get the perfect smile makeover at a really affordable price.